Student Voice


Following further negotiations between Brighton Students’ Union and senior members of University management, we are delighted that there will be reinstatement of a free, hourly, inter-campus bus service.

The bus will now be a double decker with 80 seats, compared with the previous single decker, 33 seat minibus. In addition, the new service will be operated by Compass travel, for which all buses are fully accessible.


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As of 19th October, Brighton SU has secured agreement that:

  • The University will fund a free bus once per hour, serving the full Lewes Road route between Grand Parade and Falmer.
  • The service will be sustained for the entire 2017/18 academic year, with regular travel usage reports being made.
  • Brighton Students’ Union will be involved and active in developing the University’s longer-term solution and the improvement of services provided by B&H Buses to students and the wider community.

As an officer team we are so grateful for all the students who have been involved with the campaign and had an active voice in making a change. We hope you are happy with the outcome and as stated, we will continually reviewing the situation and will keep you all informed.

You can find the full timetable below, we’re still asking for feedback. Please join our Facebook group to let us know your thoughts.

In the meantime, if you would like to proceed with a formal complaint against the University we advise you contact our Union Support team, You can also find a pro-forma for the complaint form here. 

For any academic or welfare concerns as a result of the Big Lemon cut, please feel free to contact any of your full-time officers or Union Support.