Brighton Students' Union is led by a team of elected students, all who work in a different area to make things better for students studying here. Five of these officers are elected to do this full time, where they either take a year off their course to hold the role or start just after they've graduated. The other reps and officers do a few hours a week in the role, which they do voluntarily alongside their degree. All the officers are here to represent you on all levels and make your time here as good as it could be.

Brighton SU has five Full Time Officers who are elected by students every year. These five Officers are the full time representatives of all students studying at the University of Brighton, and each Officer works on a specific area to help make the Students' Union and the University better for everyone who studies here.

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Find out more about Leanne

I am the LGBTQ+ Officer (Open), I'm here to represent, gain feedback and promote inclusivity of LGBTQ+ students within the student's union. So far I've been working on getting consent workshops organised for students to attend and learn about consent as well as to break down the stigmas that build up around the topic such as victim blaming, issues within lad culture etc. I'm also hoping to be working with Adam Cope (my opponent in the elections) and promote respect for pronouns and teaching people to defer to "they" if they're unsure of someone else's gender to avoid misgendering anyone. Students can contact me via email: or in person if they see me around. I'm very active within the LGBTQ+ society and go to most, if not all of the events so I'm easily reachable.


Find out more about Shile

My role is to represent the views and interests of ethnic minority students at the university.(BME Officer Open) I work closely with the VP welfare and Campaigns to ensure that all students are represented within the Union and University. I help develop policies and campaigns after extensive student consultations. A key issue I am working on is the BME attainment gap, I am actively looking for contributors on this issue.


Find out more about Kelly

As the BME rep (Female Identifying) I represent and look out for the interests for all minorities at the university. I also try and meet with the social groups such as the ACS society so that they have more support in terms of legal or formal advice.

What I want to do: Increase retainment of students, increase achievement of students, specifically BME students, increase support for students and a growing sense of community.


Find out more Shane Voight

What I do as an officer:
- Supporting UoBSU's ethical and environmental performance through attending and contributing to meetings with Sabbatical Officers and University estates and working with student groups
- Directing and managing a committee of students to promote staff and student ethical and environmental behaviour change
- Facilitating the coordination of awareness campaigns and sustainability projects
- Attending conferences as a representative of UoBSU sustainability team

What I would like to achieve:
-To mobilise increased ethical and environmental action within the University of Brighton through the Student's Union.
- Support and showcase the sustainability ambitions of our university
-Create sustainable workspaces for creative thinking indoors/outdoors
- Highlight key environmental data reporting and further queries for students
- Help coordinate audit programme
- Develop and deliver training on risk and sustainability topics to students
- Develop and liaise with other departments to deliver a sustainability communications project
- Inform and advise senior management on ethical and reputational issues

Contact Details:


Find out more about Jamell

Hi I’m Jamell and I’m one of the Ethics and Environment Officers. My role is to spearhead the sustainability policies of the university and SU using the NUS guidelines as a framework. As for what I'm currently doing, I'm working on my first campaign in the role. I'm still in the early planning stages!

As for what I would like to achieve as one of the Ethics and Environmental officers:
- Create a broad modern sustainability policy for the university
- Increase the university's and SU engagement with the local and international community through projects and campaigns
- Improve the ambience on campuses
- Foster an environment which makes it easier for debate.


Find out more about Mark

I’m Mark Harvey, Disabled Campaigner and fellow student, who wants to see everybody getting the best out of university life, regardless of abilities, mobility or mental health difficulties. Over the past year, I have campaigned for better awareness from staff across all campuses of the difficulties that can be faced. I’ve also spoken to clubs and societies to make sure they can be inclusive and supportive of all abilities and needs, including clubs and venues used by the Uni to try to make them more accessible and have staff training to help or be aware of those wanting to participate.

Over the coming year, I want to continue to make sure the Uni remains awareness of disability issues, and in new design and build, incorporates best practice for access and need’s. I also want to see Fresher’s events and activities made as accessible and easy to attend as possible. Signage needs to be address on all sites for access, and awareness of travel routes, as well as alterations to existing buildings to comply with current regulations, and make better access. As always I’ll be led by what the Students want or request if this is practicable, and will continue to travel to all of the sites on a regular basis to make sure that any issues get resolved quickly.


Find out more about Tristan

My goal is to make LGBT+ students feel safe, included and represented during their time at university, from the opportunities they are given to what they learn about in lectures. Some of my goals for this year include streamlining the process of changing the name on student cards for transgender students, and increasing the visibility of the gender neutral toilet facilities available to all students on all campuses. I also want to make sure LGBT issues are discussed in a respectful way in class, and don’t leave students feeling alienated. If any students identifying as LGBT+ have any problems please don’t hesitate to reach out to me – I study at Falmer campus, and am also easy to reach via Facebook


Find out more

This position is currently unfilled. If you have any issues, please contact Tom Foy at or Mark Harvey (Disabled Students' Officer (Open)).


Find out more about Shereen

My role as your Womens BME officer is to create an easier way for fellow female BME students to voice their views and concerns; you can simply see me as the link between the SU team and the rest of the student community as I feedback all questions and ideas that could spark a change for the better to the SU.

This year I am intending to;

  • Work on improving BME retention by finding out what BME / female BME students concerns are weekly.
  • Create ‘Sister System’ for female BME students
  • Create campaigns based off what specifically female BME students have voiced to me
  • Make the SU positions & opportunities more known to students
  • Please feel free to contact me via phone call, txt or email any time;

    Contact number: 07716784060



    Find out more

    This position is currently unfilled. If you have any issues, please contact Tom Foy at or Mark Harvey (Disabled Students' Officer (Open)).


    Find out more about Ruda

    Content to come soon!


    Find out more about Nina

    The role of the part-time student rep is to ensure part-time students are supported and recognised within the university community.

    My aim is to promote wider discussion on part-time students' contributions to the student experience.


    Find out more about Michelle

    I stood for the role of Mature Student Officer because I wanted to help play a part in making the experience for Mature Students an even more enjoyable one. As a body of students, we make up 60% of the population at Brighton, so it’s important that our voice is heard in all areas of the university. Already I’m hearing stories from mature students where they think changes can be made – they are both big and small changes – and I’m already busy looking at how I can take that forward.

    If you ever want to contact me, you can reach me via email – or if you see me around campus, just grab me.


    Find out more about Abigail

    Hi! I’m Abigail and my role in the Union is Women’s Officer, which involves reporting to and highlighting any concerns Women (or anybody) in the University may have to the SU.

    This role is important as it prevents women becoming a minority or oppressed group. By doing this I am a way for female student voices to be heard. My aim for the role is to campaign and create awareness around consent, to alter the attitudes towards sex at freshers and to make it more comfortable to study at Brighton for all students.

    You can contact me at


    Find out more about Cat

    Content to come soon!


    Find out more about Frank

    Content to come soon!


    Find out more about Suzie

    Content to come soon!


    Find out more about Doug

    Content to come soon!


    Find out more about Mark

    I’m Mark Harvey, Disabled Campaigner and fellow student, who wants to see everybody getting the best out of university life, regardless of abilities, mobility or mental health difficulties. Attending the NUS conference, give a great opportunity to network and talk to other student’s officers and staff involved in the greater picture of the student experience. I always go early to the conference city, as this gives an opportunity to visit other university’s and to see how they operate, look at their buildings and hopefully get ideas and concepts to bring back and benefit our students.

    What I learn from these conferences, I can then use over the coming year as I continue to make sure the Uni remains awareness of disability issues, and in new design and build, incorporates best practice for access and need’s. I’ve always had an interest in architecture and design, realising it can be a dynamic part of the urban environment and done well, can be inspiring and inspirational, as well as encompassing access or everybody. I also want to see all of our events and activities made as accessible and easy to attend as possible, so it is always interesting to see how other establishments manage their activities, and what they organise and how the integrate inclusion.

    I’m happy to look for answers to question if they are given to me and time allows, I’m on Facebook as Mark SU Harvey, so post what I learn and where I go., so students can be part of the journey and shape how the outcome is used for the university.

    The Volunteer Resources are here to provide all volunteer officers with the tools they need to be a successful representative throughout their elected term in office. Here we have all the relevant documentation to understand your role, run campaigns, get invloved in NUS Conferences and find all the contacts for the Student Voice Team!

    Click on the links below to find out more information about that topic!


    The Volunteer Officers work to proactively represent the rights of the students in their specific student groups. They ensure that the Students’ Union as a whole takes the views and needs of these students into account, and undertake projects and campaigns to support their groups.  Officers also ensure that each and every student belonging to their specific student group have adequate support for any issues they might encounter and have access to activities and services they require as a student at the University of Brighton. They will proactively represent these students’ rights on and off campus.


    • Proactively championing the rights and needs of a specific student group, in the Students’ Union and on the campus.
    • To work with the liberation campaigning groups to support their aims and objectives, and to campaign for change using student ideas and concerns as a focus.
    • To feed into be responsible the development and oversight of the Students’ Union’s equality and diversity work.
    • To talk to students electronically and face-to-face and share their concerns and ideas with the relevant groups or to sign-post them to the relevant people.
    • To update, and talk to the Full-Time Elected Officers and Students’ Union staff on issues facing the students they represent.
    • To campaign for change using student ideas and concerns as a focus.
    • To promote and bring about change based on manifesto promises.
    • To act as a responsible member of the Students’ Union Executive Committee.
    • To be professional in fulfilling their elected role and duties.
    • To stay within the policy and procedures of the Students’ Union at all times when representing students or the Students’ Union, to be patient and calm with students whose views are different from your own, to work towards an effective handover.


    This is a Volunteer, unpaid position. Volunteer Officers are asked to attend the Volunteer Officer induction session, Student Forums, and Course Reps Forums. This will prepare you for the role, and also give you a chance to respond to questions by students that you might answer in person. There may be regular meetings which will be arranged between the Student Officer and the members of the Students’ Union Student Voice which you have been granted unity with.

    Beyond this, Volunteer Officers can choose how much time they dedicate to their role.


    There may be projects that you would like to enact within your role, which may include organising events to increase the awareness of a particular campaign circulating across universities nationally, or even government campaigns that you feel very strongly towards; changing behaviour, or improving attitudes to a culture or subculture. We are here to assist you in achieving your targets through engagement in the reward scheme and aiding your creativity when you have that sudden lightbulb moment!

    With any idea it may come with boundaries, but here are the contacts that you may find important when devising a campaign or event.


    In order for the volunteer officers to receive full support, there is a dedicated team purely focused on student voice, who are there to support all officers. Meet our team below!


    Hi! I’m Tom and I am the Student Voice Manager.

    Feel free to contact me at or call me on 01273 643538


    Hi! I’m Dan and I am the Student Voice Coordinator.

    Feel free to contact me at or call me on 01273 643127


    Hi! I’m Tacita and I’m one of the Student Voice Interns. My primary role is to liaise with the Union’s officers and collaborate with students on all things to do with representation and democracy!

    I’m passionate about talking to students and getting things changed for the better!

    Feel free to contact me at or call me on 01273 643538


    Hi! I’m Philip and I’m one of the Student Voice Interns.

    My primary roles is to facilitate Volunteer Officer’s development, deliver Course Rep training sessions, increase Undergraduate and Postgraduate engagement with the Brighton Students’ Union, attend Student Forums and facilitate Course Rep drop-in sessions. I am passionate about developing an Environmentally friendly stance within the BSU; with assisting Volunteer Officer’s in developing a sustainability policy, and to later fill in the NUS Green Impact Survey with data from Masters students that have audited all the BSUs shops & cafes as part of their module.

    Feel free to contact me at or call me on 01273 643538


    Conferences are the lead decision making bodies of the organisation where delegates representing students from across our membership review the work over the last year, decide on priorities and policy for the following year and elect the leadership.

    National Conference is held annually in April and is the head decision-making body of NUS. Delegates are elected from each local students’ union that is an affiliated member of NUS to represent students’ views on a national level.

    As well as National Conference there are separate conferences for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, for our Liberation Campaigns and for specific groups of students known as ‘Sections’ in NUS which includes International, Postgraduate and Mature and Part Time students.

    There are over 20 Conferences run by NUS so there are plenty of opportunities to get involved. These include:

    • NUS UK National Conference
    • NUS Scotland Conference
    • NUS Wales Conference
    • NUS USI Conference
    • Liberation Conferences (including those run in the Nations)
    • Sections Conferences (including those run in the Nations)

    Contact your Student Voice rep to find out how you can become an NUS delegate to one of our Conferences.


    You must be a current student at the University of Brighton, and be a full member of the Students’ Union who identifies themselves as belonging to one of the defined liberation groups (Female Students, Ethnic Minority Students, LGBTQ Students, Students with Disabilities, Trans and Non-Binary Students).


    The WhatsApp group is for all volunteer officers to communicate with each other more effectively, especially if officers are away from their emails and what to keep up to date with what’s going on in the Union. However there are rules in place to ensure the WhatsApp isn’t abused or used inappropriately. If you aren’t already a member of the group and would like to be please contact one of the Student Voice Team.

    Terms Of Use for the group

    • Members can only post within the chat between 9am-7pm
    • Discussion should stay focused on role related and SU topics.
    • No abusive language, gossip or unnecessary swearing.
    • Encourage the sharing of ideas and events.


    As a volunteer officer, you need to ensure your fellow students are aware of current issues in your area and that they take part in any activities you organise. Both of these require student engagement which relies on marketing and communication.

    Social media is a great platform for passively advertising and promoting. People use social media everyday and you can put information in front of people without them having to actively seek it; it’s a great way to spread awareness of your activities and your role as a whole.

    Please remember when on social media, that you are representing Brighton Students' Union and all interactions with both students and non-students must remain professional and polite.

    The best way that you can promote your events and what you're up to is to post on our BSU Channels! We have a huge reach and can promote positive things that you're doing! You can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!


    We want to ensure that people are aware that you are part of Brighton Students' Union. There are many positives reasons for this for you as a volunteer officer. We therefore ask that you are clear in promotion such as posters that you are part of Brighton SU. There are a few things when doing this to remember:

    • We are Brighton Students' Union – please use our full name or Brighton SU. Please do not use 'UOBSU' or 'University of Brighton' as we do not have rights to use them.
    • Please put our logo on all marketing materials. Please use the standard teal logo where possible, or one of our alternative logos specified in our brand guidelines.
    • Please do not:
      • Distort the logo or chance it’s dimensions
      • Edit the logo
      • Cram it in. Give it space around it.

    You can download our official brand guidelines here

    For any further information on using social media, please contact


    We aim to recognise and reward our Volunteer Officers for the hard work they put in over the course of the academic year to represent and improve the student experience for students at the University of Brighton. We want to encourage officers to complete task that improve the lives of students and help us to understand the issues affecting our diverse student body. We want to encourage officers to take up training opportunities that help them develop as representatives and people

    We would also like to inspire officers to take the next step within the student movement by becoming a full time officer or taking part in the National Union of Students.

    LEVEL 1

    What you get:

    • £10 Amazon voucher
    • Personalised Officer Hoody
    • Invitation to the SU Parliament Trip.

    By the end of November: (Complete 4 out of the 7):

    • Attend the Volunteer Officer Induction session.
    • Submit a photo & short bio for the website.
    • Attend a development meeting with an SU staff member.
    • Attend the October Student Forum.
    • Attend the November Student Forum.
    • Volunteer time to work on a Question of the Month stall.
    • Sign the Volunteer Officer code of conduct

    LEVEL 2

    What you get (in addition to level 1):

    • £20 Amazon voucher
    • SU LinkedIn Reference.

    What you need to achieve:

    By the end of January. (Complete 3 out of 6).

    • Attend a development meeting with an SU staff member.
    • Write or video a blog about the issues affecting the students you represent and share it through Brighton SU channels.
    • Attend the December Student Forum
    • Attend the January Student Forum.
    • Working with the Union at least one meeting per term targeted at the group you represent about a specific topic. (E.g. the Disabled Students’ Officer may wish to hold a meeting on access to University buildings.)
    • Attend an additional skills training session.

    LEVEL 3

    What you get (in addition to level 1 & 2):

    • £30 Amazon voucher
    • Volunteer Officer Certificate

    By the Easter break: (Complete 5 out of 8)

    • Attend a development meeting with an SU staff member.
    • Working with the Union an event or campaign targeted at improving the experience of the group that they represent.
    • Attend an NUS conference and report back to Student Forum.
    • Attend February Student Forum meeting.
    • Attend March Student Forum meeting.
    • Complete the end of year Volunteer Officer survey
    • Post an additional blog/article or video about the issues affecting the students you represent and share it through Brighton SU channels.
    • Attend the ‘Making the Most of Your Experience’ training session run by the Students’ Union & University Volunteering Team.

    LEVEL 4

    What you get (in addition to level 1):

    • £40 Amazon voucher
    • Acknowledgement at the Union Awards.

    What you need to achieve:

    By the end of the academic year: (Complete 4 out of 7)

    • Attend a development meeting with an SU staff member.
    • Complete the handover document template so work is passed on to the next officer.
    • Attend the Student Leadership Team Welcome & Handover Day.
    • Submit policy or give a speech at an NUS Conference.
    • Stand to be an NUS Officer or on an NUS Committee.
    • Stand to be a Sabbatical Officer.
    • Write a review of your work over the year to be shared on the SU website and social media.