Why have I been asked to attend a disciplinary hearing?

When you register at the university you agree to follow the university rules and regulations. If you break these rules, or it is felt that you may have done, it is likely that you will have to attend a disciplinary hearing.

I’m being investigated, what should I do?

If you’ve received a notification that you’re being investigated under the disciplinary or fitness to practice procedures, you’re strongly advised to contact Union Support as soon as possible.

How can Union Support help me?

We are here to make sure you get a chance to have your say and ensure that you understand the university processes. We can help you through these and attend the hearing with you, where possible.

Our role is to ensure that you are treated fairly at all stages, making sure you have someone you can speak freely, honestly and confidentially to without judgement or repercussions.

For more information on the Disciplinary Procedure please see our useful guide.