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Officer update: Our highlights from last month

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Officers in elm house

Here's a look at our January Officer updates:

Ilia - BSU President:

“During this last month, I have been working closely with students to address their mental wellbeing during these challenging times. With exams and assessments this January, students normally feel a lot of pressure. However, times are tougher than usual due to cost of living, and addressing the students’ mental wellbeing has been a focus of mine this month. I have been working closely with the students and the university to get Brighton's Vision 2030 to focus on the student experience. This means that I have been collecting a lot of feedback from our brilliant students and gathering some of the work that the officers and I have been conducting with the university to try and figure out how Brighton will be looking to our students in 2030 and how students can participate more.”

Doris - Activities Officer:

“I’ve been working with societies to ensure their room booking needs are met and are as expected; I have been supporting and addressing important issues such as the use of space and room availability within the university. This includes bookable rooms, prayer spaces, and other resources available to students through appropriate channels. I’ve also been working on organising a Student Entrepreneur Expo to showcase various student businesses at our upcoming ReFreshers’ Fair. This will highlight some current student-led businesses and projects, provide a platform for networking, and in collaboration with the BeePurple from the University's Career and Employability Team, offer an opportunity for interested students to learn how to start/run a business or receive support with an existing one.”

Favour - International and Postgraduate Officer: 

“With the ongoing plan to host the Language Lounge, I have recently strategised and collaborated with the Skills Hub on how to improve and promote it, which includes formal and informal sessions. I have also met and talked with the President from another Students’ Union regarding multiple strategies on how to effectively push the campaign of increasing work hours for international students.”

Osasu - Education Officer:

“I have been working with the university to make applying for an extension easier for students. Talks have been progressing positively, and changes will be made to the extension process. I have also been working closely with the university on the Blackboard Ultra project with the group coming to a close with all-round success”.