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Music Society


Welcome to the University of Brighton Music Society!


Who are we?

We're a large society made up of many friendly members of various backgrounds, interests and expertise. Don't be afriad to come along and see what happens, you just might like it. We're an open-minded bunch, there's no pressure to perform and it's a great way to meet like-minded people! It's a very inclusive environment, we're all here to help each other out and have a good time.

Our society's main function is to provide the opportunity for our members to carry out their musical endeavours and hone their skills as musicians, irrespective of ability. With no music degree course at Brighton and such an incredible arts scene down here, there's huge potential and we take great pride in being the stepping stone into the world of music for many University of Brighton students.

Our aim is to inspire our members and in turn we hope you find yourself wanting to do the same for everyone around you too. Of course we always aim to have fun as well!


What do we do?

We predominantly cater best for bands, groups and acoustic acts, however we try hard to meet any requirements you may have. It doesn't matter what your ability or what genres you prefer, join up, make music with us and create something amazing! Alternatively, perhaps you're just a music fanatic who is on the lookout to find new music, people to go to gigs with or just some chill people to talk to? We gratify all of those desires. YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE A MUSICIAN TO JOIN!!!


Jam Sessions

This is our main event, meeting weekly on Mondays 6:00pm - 8:30pm in Watson Building Performance Studio on Falmer Campus. Here, we just simply jam out in the sound proof performance studio where we have an ever expanding array of equipment, including: amps, a drum kit, keyboard, music stands, PA Sytem and microphones etc.  However, if you play an electric instrument it is encouraged you try and bring your own or share instruments amongst ourselves. This is a perfect induction to the society and what we're all about. Freedom of expression is the aim and you can choose to pursue that goal however you'd like, whether that's forming a band and learning some cover songs, writing some solo stuff for an upcoming release or you just want to pick up that drumstick/guitar pick/violin bow at the end of an exhausting Monday and jam out with your friends. The options are endless and the choice is yours, all we know is that we wanna jam it with you.

Society House Band - BRAND NEW FOR 2019/20!

For those looking for something a bit more serious, get ready for the long awaited debut of the official society house band! Early in the year we'll be holding auditions for an exclusive position in the band, where you'll be amongst the university's finest musicians. Weekly rehearsals and the headline spot at all our future gigs and events. A great opportunity to really perfect the art of performing alongside other musicians to hefty sized crowds and show off what you've got! The specifics of our setlist, rehearsal days and avaialble positions are still unkown until after the audition process. Follow our social media links to keep updated about this brand spanking new exciting opportunity. 



Now the bit you've all been waiting for! We know not to take ourselves too seriously and are always up for a laugh. That's why we'll have a wide variety of social meet ups throughout the year. Nothing is set in concrete yet, as mentioned previously, we're very open minded so maybe you could be the one to suggest our next get together! That's not to say we aren't cooking up a few spicy ideas ourselves, from your classic night out to music quizzes, silent discos, live bands and much MUCH more to come. We'll have a night for every type of person and numerous chances to really get to know your fellow members. Not to mention the numerous times that you'll be able to perform on the behalf of, or spectate music society in action at our own organised open mics and gigs. 


Want to know more?

Still got a burning question which we failed to answer or want find out more about anything discussed above? Feel free to message us wherever/whenever on any of our social medias (@uobmusicsoc) and we'll do our best to get back to you swiftly yet diligently. 

For professional enquiries please email us at:  

We look forward to meeting you!

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Our committee has been elected by the members of the society, to organise the running of the society. If you would like to be a committee member next year, look out for information about how to stand in February!


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