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Anime and Manga Society

Hi! We are Brighton University's Anime and Manga Society! Our aim is to spread the love of Japanese styled animation (anime). If you're a regular watcher or someone who's never heard of it before, we hope you'll come along and enjoy! Everyone is welcome. 


Our sessions mostly include anime watchalongs, and various quizes/games. Trying to keep up with the latest anime, waiting to discover something you haven't seen before, or just wanting to share your favourte anime? Come along! Hang out with friends and enjoy a laid back evening twice a week. 

We currently hold sessions every tuesday and friday, with special events being posted on our discord and instagram. 


If you have any questions feel free to email us at , ask our instagram, or join our discord where we are most active.


Our committee has been elected by the members of the society, to organise the running of the society. If you would like to be a committee member next year, look out for information about how to stand in February!

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Weekly Watchalong - FRI
31st March 6pm - 8:30pm
Cockroft 201



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