Basement Central

Basement Central, Ground Floor, Cockcroft Building, Moulsecoomb Campus

Basement Central is at the heart of Moulsecoomb campus. It’s the ideal space to spend time with friends, eat a delicious meal or host your own events. Enjoy great value for money on food and drinks in a friendly, vibrant atmosphere.

Our venues and services are run by the Students’ Union so if you’re a society you can host your events here for FREE! We have sound equipment you can use and our staff will even help you set up!

Past events have included Open Mic’s, Battle of the Bands, Comedy Shows, Pub Quizzes, Gaming Tournaments, Movie Marathons, Tea Parties, Meet N’ Greets and much much more! Let us know what you have in mind so we can help you.

To book, email or call 01273 642896

Events at Basement Central

International Welcome Fair 2019
18th September
Cockcroft Hall
Welcome Hub - Eastbourne
21st September
Welkin Site, Eastbourne Campus
Hello Brighton/Eastbourne | Freshers Fortnight
Welcome Hubs
21st-22nd September
All Campuses
Freshers Fortnight