Students' Union Elections happen every year in the Students’ Union, the elections are designed for you to decide who leads the Union for the next academic year. The Officer Team is made up of full-time officers that represent you and work to improve your university experience.

We are also electing NUS Delegates to represent University of Brighton students at the National Union of Students' (NUS) National Conference in Liverpool. To stand for this role you must be able and willing to travel to Liverpool on Monday 30th March returning on Thursday 2nd April. For more information on this or any other role please email

To vote all you need to do is login using your studentcentral login details



Every year Brighton Students’ Union elects students to join the team that leads the organisation. In these elections any University of Brighton student can stand and any student can vote. 

2020/21 BSU Election results







No elections are currently running



A leadership role in engaging and representing the needs of students across the University. Alongside leading the Union’s developments, they attend a number of meetings with University and other key stakeholders to ensure that the student voice is always heard.


They lead the student activities programme; to include sports, societies and entertainments across all campuses and partner colleges. They consult with students in the development of activities across a wide range of areas.


They are responsible for the representation of students on issues affecting their welfare as a student. They consult with students and develop policies, actions and campaigns informed by students’ needs and concerns.


The lead officer for furthering the academic interests of undergraduate and postgraduate students. They are responsible for representing students on issues affecting their academic experience within the Uni, locally and nationally.



How do I nominate myself?

  1. Log in to the website
  2. Navigate to the elections page and click the 'stand' tab
  3. Your name and email will automatically be there. You can alter your name if you wish - this is what will appear on your publicity.
  4. Add your phone number - we need this to contact you! We promise we won't share it with anyone else.
  5. You can add your election slogan now if you have one, or leave blank if you don't (you can fill it in another time).
  6. Select your post! You will only be eligible for some - if you believe you should be able to stand for something that it says you can't, please let us know at - it may be an issue with your account


NUS Delegate Elections

There are 3 NUS Delegate positions being elected in this election.

Brighton Students’ Union have 6 delegate places to attend the NUS National Conference in Liverpool. The first 3 delegate positions are taken by the current fulltime officer team with the remaining 3 places being elected by a cross campus ballot. In addition to this, according to NUS rules, 50% of delegates registered for conference must self-define as women.

The conference takes place on Tuesday 31st March to Thursday 2nd April with delegates traveling to Liverpool on Monday 30th March. Travel, accommodation and meals are included so you will not be out of pocket for attending the conference.

Anyone standing for one of the fulltime officer roles is encouraged to stand for the NUS delegate role as well as it will give you an excellent insight into how the NUS works.

If you would like more information about the conference you can find it here.

I'm an International Student - Can I be Full-time Officer?

We’ve had many international students that have become full-time officers!

Generally, international students are eligible to take up a sabbatical position: the regulations consider the post an extension of study. However, there are some exceptions to be aware of and some pitfalls to avoid. This is one of those areas where resolving problems after they have happened can be extremely difficult. The UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA), collaborating with NUS, have put together guidance on the issue. UKCISA have kindly agreed to make the resource available in full at no cost to students’ unions. The briefing contains sections appropriate for students’ unions, institutions and candidates, but it is worth reading in full.

The briefing can be found here. We will continually add questions and answers to this page - if you have any questions about the elections, the roles or the Students' Union please email with the subject 'election FAQ'.


Do I have to be in my final year to be a full-time officer?

You can run as a full-time officer in both your final year of study and the penultimate year before graduating.

Please note that if you are successful and you are yet to graduate, you will have to return to university and finish your studies when your job/term/contract/role has finished. You will also need to contact the University to suspend your studies.

If you are in receipt of a loan/grant or bursary you will also need contact Student Finance England to make them aware of your planned sabbatical from study to ensure you aren’t over paid. Any payments you receive whilst on sabbatical will need to be paid back.