The students who are here to help...

The Students' Union is led by a group of elected students who work on your behalf to make University life better, you can find information and contact details for Full-time Officers below. Additionally you can find out more about Course Reps here. We run elections every Spring to choose next year's elected officers. Every student can to vote in the elections for each of the four full-time officer and volunteer officer positions. The next Students' Union election will be hosted in March 2020. 

Full-time Officers

Full-time Officers are students employed full-time by the Union to work with students and staff to campaign on issues you feel passionate about and work to make student life here at the University of Brighton better. They are the figureheads of the Union and there are four positions available: President, Activities Officer, Education Officer and Postgraduate & International Officer.

They are elected by students every March to work within their respective areas. They are elected on the basis of the manifestos that they publish during the nominations period.