In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the repercussions this has had for students, the work of the SU in advocating on our behalf has been more important than ever. The role of an officer at Brighton Students' Union is much more than a manifesto of points that you wish to achieve. You help to fight for the rights of students, advocate for change, and make strides towards changing Brighton Students' Union for the better.

This space is dedicated to showcasing everything that your outgoing officer team have achieved, as well as offering our sincerest thank you and gratitude to all the hard work that the team have put into their roles - both as indviduals, and a team. 


Brighton Students' Union Officer Team 2020/21

Sihem Ziada - President

Ramy Badrie - VP Education

Meg Donovan - VP Activities

Evangeline Solomon - VP Welfare

Below is more information about their combined campaigns that they pursued during their time in office:



To ensure racial justice is finally achieved through institutional structural change so inequality is stamped out.


  • A successful Black History Month 

Talent show

Podcast with African Caribbean Society

Promotion of Black owned businesses,

Promotion of creative resources by Black artists: movies, books, tv shows, etc.


  • Anti-Racism Forum

University Executive Board presented their Race Equality Charter Action Plan,

Students were able to express their thoughts and opinions in break out rooms,

Follow up in process


  • Race Equality Charter Action Plan (contribution from BSU) 

The University put this together to present their commitments to addressing the racial inequalities, with the University Executive Board and Board of Governers accountable.

Brighton Students’ Union committed to this Action Plan


  • BAME Terminology 

We are taking part in a university wide committee which is devising new and more inclusive terminology


transforming the culture

Ensuring the university is a safer place for students to be their most authentic selves. Providing greater accountability and education to address the root causes of racism, bullying, harassment, consent, and sexual misconduct.

  • Consent Workshops 

We put on some Consent Workshops in February and May 2021, educating and raising awareness about sexual misconduct, harassment, and consent,

Surveys were sent out to attendees, and this data will be used to lobby the university around this topic.


  • Student Carers Support 

?A collaboration event with the university with the aim to raise awareness about student carers and gather feedback from students on the topic. 

Student Carers Network to be created for those students to have support (In progress) 

Student Carers Awareness Training being carried out in June for BSU staff 


  • Sign language in BSU spaces (In progress) 

Sign language posters in SU spaces starting in September 

Simple sign language training for BSU Outlet staff 

Freshers’ posters and gifs around campus in sign language 


  • Inclusion of students for awareness + history months 

Black History Month, LGBTQ+ History Month, Mental Health Awareness Month 

Podcasts, Entertainment resources, Events 


  • One Month One Change campaign 

A social media campaign with the aim to encourage students and staff to commit to one sustainable change through April and May 

Brighton SU and the University of Brighton presented their sustainable changes 

Students and staff got involved on social media 


  • Still to achieve

More awareness of the university’s disclosure tool 

Clearer and proactive code of conduct surrounding sexual harassment and misconduct, racism, or any prejudice or hate crime 


Covid-19 academic response

Protecting the student academic experience despite the challenges posed by COVID-19.

  • Safety Net Package

We worked with University to implement new academic regulations to ensure the impact of pandemic on students’ academic performance is recognised and mitigated.


  • Mitigating Circumstances for Unrepresentative performance

We worked with Uni to develop new policy to enable students to resit assessments they passed to allow them to improve unrepresentative marks


  • Blanket mitigation during pandemic 

We worked with Uni to ensure blanket mitigating circumstances to enable student to resit assessments they did not pass or were unable to submit without penalty


  • Virtual events to support students through Covid-19 

Performance workshops 

Spring break activities 

Sustainability workshop 

Wellbeing workshops 

Chill & Chat  


  • Funding for societies

Funding from Belong at Brighton Extra fund for societies 

£50 incentive for societies who did a welcome event in February 

Funding for zoom licenses (the societies who want to carry on being virtual) in September (In progress) 



  • We successfully lobbied for the implementation of lecture capture which enables recording of lectures so students can listen to it at any time 

  • We worked with the University during the first lockdown to implement a no detriment policy which used performance benchmarking 

  • We have been working with Uni to improve provision of teaching opportunities for doctoral researchers 

  • Greater mental health support for PGRs 

  • International employability – we worked with the uni on the implementation of an integrated masters with placement course 

  • A commitment to rollout anonymous exam boards from 21/22 (we lobbied for this and the item below) 

  • A commitment to implement self certification for mitigating circumstances 

  • We ran a housing campaign, assisting student with private accommodation during the first lockdown 

  • We successfully lobbied for 4 new social learning spaces across campuses as part of last year's education campaign 

  • We were involved in the creation of the university’s new digital learning roadmap and engagement model 

  • We ran a large scale consultation across all schools regarding the future of administrative services for students and many recommendations were taken forward to improve access