Amy VP Welfare and Campaigns

VP Welfare & Campaigns

Amy Jaiteh


To be the lead officer for furthering all aspects of student Welfare and Campaigns for all students. The Vice-President Welfare and Campaigns is responsible for the representation of students on issues relating to student Welfare and Campaigns within the University. They will consult with students and develop policies, actions and campaigns informed by students’ needs and concerns. They will promote and develop opportunities to embed and enhance the student experience within the University, and ensure students are aware of welfare services provided by the Union and University.


Amy has graduated from Bio-Medical Science, based in Moulsecoomb. She’s eager to work with students, improving your wellbeing and ensuring that you have a stress free and happy University experience. Amy strongly believes that we should “enjoy University, not endure it."


In her spare time she enjoys volunteering in the community, working with a range of groups including: a Brownie pack, Victim Support and the St Mary Magdalen Soup Run.

Manifesto Points

Each elected officer runs on a manifesto: a collection of ideas and policies that they promise to enact when they are in office. To help you keep track of what each of our four full-time officers get up to, and how far along they are in implementing the ideas that got them elected: we've created this handy manifesto tracker!

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All of an officers manifesto points are listed below. The button colour indicates their progress in implementing each of their points. You can click on each button to see a quick log describing what each officer has done to further their goals in each instance.


I will establish an accredited volunteer scheme for students. This will benefit students because volunteering is associated with both increased employability, and improved mental wellbeing.


Set up a student, self-sustained food and toiletries bank. I will reserve a space on each campus for students to donate leftover and unwanted dried food and toiletries for other students who are in need to use.


Stop student housing exploitation. The housing crisis in Brighton is rife, and in order to attempt to ease this, I will ensure that there are affordable options in the new build halls. For those already renting, advertise where they can access help and advice if they feel they’re getting a bad deal.


Organise a calendar of non-alcohol based social events, beginning in Freshers’ fortnight and continuing throughout the academic year. This will ensure all students can experience the culture and fun of our cities.


Secure student lockers and charging stations, particularly for the use of commuter and disabled students.