When Things Go Wrong, We Can Help.

We hope that everything goes well during your course and during your exams, but we understand that sometimes things can go wrong.

If you find this is happening to you, it is important to remember that you are not alone.  You can seek help and support from your Personal Tutor, from your SSGT as well as from us at Union Support.

Union Support consists of a team of professionally trained and experienced staff who have a wealth of experience helping students navigating the complex regulations that govern your academic experience. The service is free to students of Brighton University, advice is independent of the University, and always confidential.




Our service continues to offer appointments, and these should be booked using the link above.

All of Brighton Students' Union staff are home working, but we are offering appointments via Microsoft Teams. You will be provided with joining instructions once you receive your appointment booking.

The Union Support service is open all year round, including the summer break, there are always staff working behind the scenes ready to help you.

We aim to respond within 2 working days, or sooner if you are attending a university meeting at short notice. If you are attending a university meeting, it is better to get in touch as soon as you know the date and time of your meeting to give us time work with you and help you prepare well in advance.


Book 30 minutes with us for a drop in with an experienced BSU Adviser.

A drop in is a 30 minute slot for you to share your issue and get some initial advice. Depending on the issue, we may identify that we need to see paperwork and/or book a further appointment.

Every Monday-Friday.

Click here to visit our booking site: Calendly - Brighton Students' Union Support Team

Please complete the our Client Information Sheet prior to your booked drop in session: Case Details Form


What advice do we offer?

Our friendly, approachable team of experts provide advice on Academic-matters, covering; misconduct & disciplinary issues, complaints & Consumer Rights, appeals and much more. 

We have recently made a few changes to the Service to make it even more useful for you. You can now access a range of informative resources to help guide you through any issues you may be experiencing.

We ask you to book an appointment so that… 

• We can ensure that we are the best service on campus to help you. 

• Fully assess the help you need. 

• Establish how quickly you need to be seen. 

• Provide you with some useful information before your appointment which could help to get a quicker resolution. 

For one-to-one advice about your specific situation please book a drop in appointment with us here or email us at BSUSupport@brighton.ac.uk.



Interactive Documents

Can't access a document we have linked to? See our list below to gain access to the original PDF files:


For a full list of our virtual documents currently available, visit our Issuu account here.

For information on how we protect your data when booking appointments online, see our Data Protection page, or read our newest policy here.