Donate for Medical Supplies

Donate for Medical Supplies

Wednesday 12 February 2020, midnight - noon

Location: Online Donations


Two of our Grand Parade Illustration students; Yihan Liu & Janet Konakova, have initiated a campaign to raise awareness and funds for the Coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan.

Donations can be made through the website by logging in through your student central details or registering as a guest.

Your donation can help provide:

£6.50 - 100 Medical Vinyl Gloves (EN455 Compliant)

£7      - A pair of Safety Goggles (GA500 Compliant)

£16    - A protection gown (EN14126 Compliant)

£16    - A mask (EN149: FFP3 or FFP2 Compliant)

If you would like to help raise awareness of this campaign, please reach out to Yihan Liu - to get involved!