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The full-time Student Leadership Team requested a meeting with Stephen Dudderidge (Registrar and Secretary) and Sue McHugh (Chief Operating Officer) within the UoB senior management team to discuss the issues our student members have raised regarding the ‘Big Lemon Bus’. This meeting happened today (Thursday 5th October) in Mithras House, Moulsecoomb between the SU and University of Brighton representatives. 

The University wanted the Students’ Union to provide them with the perspective of the students. However we demanded a clear course of action from the University as a result of the meeting.

The issues we conveyed as being the most pressing were:

  • The cancellation of the free service
  • The inadequate bus replacement service
  • The ambiguity of the additional services including timetables
  • Lack of clarity in regards to funding distribution
  • The lack of sufficient data in regards to the usage of the service
  • Concerns about the effect on student welfare and their academic journey

The answers we were given to some of these concerns above from the University were:

The University claimed that they could no longer justify spending £225,000 for a service used by 8% of Brighton student population. 

The timetable for the morning rush bus UOB2 will be revised as a result of confusion in regards to the frequency of the bus.

The University is going to meet Brighton&Hove Buses to discuss the improvement of B&H services.

The University will make the survey data used to make this decision readily available to students.

We therefore raised these questions to the university:

  • What will be the next stage in the review of the decision?
  • How is the University going to make it clear to students where the money saved on the service will be reallocated?
  • How will the University deal with potential complaints filed against them?
  • How will the University respond to the welfare concerns as demonstrated within your comments and pictures raised within the ‘BSU Against The Lemon Cut’ Facebook group?

It was also quickly made apparent that the transparency and the communication from the university during this decision-making process were simply not good enough.

Stephen and Sue will take the above questions raised to the ‘Senior Management Team’ meeting on Monday 9th October. We demanded that following this meeting they would provide us with a date to meet again. 

In the meantime if you want to file a complaint against the university you can do so here. You can also contact our Union Support team if you would like to talk to someone independent from the university. 

We would like to invite students to an open forum on Monday 9th October at Falmer 1pm-3pm and Moulsecoomb 4pm-6pm to discuss your experience. This will give you the opportunity to discuss ‘All things Big Lemon’ with your full-time officer team. You will need to visit the Facebook events and click 'going' in advance so that we can ensure enough space in the room. You will need to bring your UniCard to show on entry. 

You can find our previous statement here


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